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09 September 2022

Drake and His Customized T-Shirt Tribute to Sidhu Moosewala

Drake has just come out with his powerhouse of an album, "Honestly, Nevermind,” which is hitting the charts everywhere. However, that’s not the only reason the Canadian singer is making the news in recent times. A high population of Canadian-Indians listens to Drake, and they are dually inspired by Sidhu Moosewala, to whom Drake presented another tribute in one of his recent concerts. 


Drake stated that he had initiated a special t-shirt collection for the singer so that the proceeds from that t-shirt could be used to help out Moosewala’s family in India. He said that the funds were to go directly to Moosewala’s family, who could then decide on their own what to do with it. 


Who was Sidhu Moosewala?

His original name was Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu. Moose Wala was born in Moose Wala in Indian Punjab on June 11, 1993. His father was an ex-army man, and his mother a sarpanch. Moosewala grew to fame due to his famous raps that many say inspired him to be better. He had an electrical engineering degree but also had a passion for music. He was shot dead at the tender age of 28 by armed assailants when he was headed back to his home in Moosewala. 


Sidhu Moosewala: His Legacy 

Moosewala only had a career for the last 5 years of his life. However, he influenced and inspired many in this very short time. He had managed to release a hundred songs, and there are reports that he had already prepared a hundred more that are still to be released to the world. He had also starred in a couple of Punjabi movies giving his life and death quite the stir in the Punjabi community. 


His life also made him stand out from the rest of the people in his community. Moosewala was a graduate of Electrical engineering from Canada, which meant that he could have easily left for a cozy life of fame there. However, Moosewala had other plans. He was interested in making his country better for its people, so he returned to India and started his campaign to become a member of the Punjab Assembly. However, even with his influence, he was not elected into the assembly. He did, however, become an active member of the Indian National Congress and would try day and night to make his province better than it was.  His songs would often cite his love for his province and community, which is why many felt that he had the influence that he extended over the Canadian Indian Community. His death shattered the hearts of many in India and even beyond.


How Did He Die?

The news of his death shook the global Punjabi community to quite a degree. What was worse for many was the fact that it occurred in broad daylight at the hands of two armed assailants. The murder happened right after the Punjab assembly said that they would reduce the security for 424 of its members, including the singer and rapper. Many saw it as an attempt to settle a revolution that was brewing due to the influence that Moosewala had on the Punjabi community.


What Was His Connection to Drake?

After his death, many became aware of his presence and the powerhouse he was. Canada is home to many Punjabis where Drake hails from, so we can conclude that Drake was made aware of Moosewala by his fans. Moosewala became quite famous after his death, as more people started to listen to his songs. He was also featured on a billboard in Times Square, further adding to his fame. 


Drake was amongst the first few artists who expressed concern about his death. Ar a recent concert, Drake was pictured wearing a white T-shirt at his concert in Canada. The customized t-shirt had Sidhu Moosewala's face and name printed on the front. It states his name and the dates of his life and death. Drake also went to the internet to urge his fans to buy the t-shirt so that the proceeds could be handed to Sidhu Moosewala’s family, who had faced the greatest losses. 

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