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06 May 2022

Five Leading Manufacturers Of Commercial Vehicles

Technological advancements and automation encourage commercial vehicle manufacturers to produce safer, better, and more robust trucks to encourage comfortable and reliable drives. Although the commercial vehicle market was severely impacted due to the pandemic and limited trading and supply chains, some producers remained at the top of their production and innovation. Therefore, their market shares remained more or less constant as well. 


In addition, with the covid reopening encouraging recovering economic standings and globalisation promoting better trade opportunities, the international demand for commercial vehicles is on the rise once again. This means more competition as new manufacturers enter the market to capture market shares and global consumers. The top commercial vehicle manufacturers still stay thriving, maintaining their production, loyal customers, and revenues. The five leading commercial vehicle manufacturers are as follows:


Daimler AG 


Daimler AG- now turned into Mercedes-Benz Group from 2022 onwards- is a Germany-based automotive corporation. Established in 1960, the multinational resulted from a merger between Benz and Cie. 


Today, its headquarters are located in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, with the business specialising in car and van manufacturing. It has over 172,000 employees, hired in several branches worldwide. Some major countries housing Daimler AG production plants include Turkey, Japan, India, South Africa, China, and the United States. 


Volvo Group 


Volvo Group is legally called the Aktiebolaget Volvo, nicknamed AB Volvo for easier pronunciation. It was established in 1927 by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson and today is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. 


The multinational automobile producer serves its consumers internationally, specialising in manufacturing high-quality industrial and marine engines, buses, trucks, construction equipment, and even offering product-related and consumer financing services. The company also owns several subsidiaries and brands, including Renault, Terex Trucks, and Prevost, and hires over ninety-five thousand staff internationally. 


Volkswagen AG 


The Volkswagen Group is a Germany-based international automotive producer. With headquarters in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, the company stands proud as one of the best and leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. 


Volkswagen was founded in 1937 and now has one hundred production plants across twenty-seven nations with over three hundred and thirteen thousand employees. The company excels in manufacturing commercial vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, internal combustion engines, and turbomachinery. 


Hino Motors 


Hino Motors Ltd., more widely referred to as Hino, deals with producing diesel engines (for buses, trucks, and other vehicles) and commercial vehicles. 


It’s headquartered in Hino, Tokyo, Japan, established in 1942. The Japanese multinational is a subsidiary of Toyota Group, with production and distribution plants in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, Pakistan, Colombia, Israel, and Russia. 


Isuzu Motors 


Founded in 1934 and with headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan, Isuzu Motors is a multinational diesel engine and commercial vehicle manufacturer. 


Employing more than twenty-nine thousand staff (including the consolidated figure), the company is an active stakeholder with several subsidiaries and joint ventures. A few of its notable projects include Sollers-Isuzu, UD Trucks, Jiangxi Isuzu Motors, Isuzu UK, and Isuzu Motors India. 


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