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01 November 2022

Forbes Names Mr. Beast World's Richest Creator

How Did Mr. Beast Come About To Be


This talented young man started his journey back in 2011 at the age of 13. His earliest content can still be found on YouTube, where he used to upload the typical “Let’s Play” genre of videos inspired by creators like Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie. At that time, he would have never thought that one day he would befriend the creator he looks up to and even reach up to his level in content creation.


Soon enough, after gaining some traction from audience members for five years, Jimmy knew that he wanted to diversify his content to include more of his personality. He wanted to create a niche that spoke to a certain type of audience, and he invested his creative input in bringing forth the results. However, it’s ironic that more than his consistent effort to build a sustainable business gradually – he was popularized by overnight success.


Yes, the first video uploaded by Mr. Beast that went viral was posted in 2017. The video called “Counting to 100,000” was an instant hit, gaining millions of views and earning him all the popularity singlehandedly. Ever since then, there was no stopping Jimmy, for he knew what type of content has struck a chord with the audience. Hence, he started building his channel around that type of content to include challenges, charities, donations, and giving away money.


In his own words, whatever he earned through his videos was 100% reinvested in the business. That’s how he broke down categories of his content and created a YouTube empire consisting of multiple channels ranging from gaming, reactions, podcast, shorts, and philanthropy among his original and backup accounts. He has done amazingly well throughout his success until now, and it’s no wonder he was named thusly.


What Forbes Has To Say


According to the renowned magazine Forbes, Mr. Beast totaled a whopping amount as his earnings in 2022 to earn this coveted top spot. With millions of followers and average engagement settled at more than what YouTube normally tracks for big creators, Mr. Beast undoubtedly earned the title. However, one really can’t forget his latest entrepreneurial venture Mr. Beast Burger that truly transformed this win for him.


After launching Mr. Beast Burger in December 2020, he claimed it is a virtual restaurant and would sell burgers to be delivered to your doorstep. The venture, in collaboration with Virtual Dining Concepts, LLC, was a huge success. The website crashed within five minutes of the launch to being sold out all over the country in a matter of minutes. Earlier this month, Mr. Beast launched his first US restaurant in American Dream Mall, New Jersey, NYC.


What Future Holds For Mr. Beast


Safe to say, the future is bright for Jimmy and his brand Mr. Beast. Following along with his multiple channels, the ever-growing team members, and collaborative videos with fellow creators – Mr. Beast also has the advantage of age in his favor. He is fairly young compared to many big names of the YouTube community, with the only ones younger than him being primarily TikTokers. Hence, it won’t be a surprise if Mr. Beast changes YouTube to his terms sooner than you expect. He is essentially the most non-problematic guy on the platform, well-loved by the company, fellow creators, and the audiences. Therefore, the only way his career graph can take direction is onward and upwards. 

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