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28 July 2022

Impact Of Technology On The Education And Learning Systems

Technological advancements occur every second, and keeping track of them is tremendously challenging. Be it in healthcare or education. Technological features are heavily incorporated in every sector. They are changing our traditional practices and steadily becoming the future of everything.


Technology in the educational field has given birth to the smart education system – a completely different concept than sitting on the chairs, scribbling down notes as the instructor jots on the class board. The contemporary classrooms are now more based on smart learning, where books are replaced with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, lectures are more virtual, and education is more comprehensive as the habit of using e-books prevails.


Previously, students were expected to visit libraries, taking hours to scroll through multiple books to gather information about a particular subject. Now, individuals can use data available worldwide using educational learning platforms like MOOCs, Khan Academy, online degree programs, and even educational podcasts.


Of course, the global pandemic became an important reason for accelerating the use of technology to alter modern educational practices. Remote learning spiked just like remote work became the new trend. And now, amidst the pandemic reopening, many stakeholders still rely on e-learning due to its effective and inclusive nature.


Four Ways Technology Surges The International Smart Education And Learning System 

E-Study Material

The technological advancement in education is obvious when you look at the modified curriculums and e-study material. Today, most educational institutions base their annual curriculums to be quite inclusive, encouraging teachers and students to use the internet for better insight and accessibility to more knowledge. Online study material requires less time to search and collect details, promoting self-learning and improving productivity.


The Prevalence Of Multimedia 

Multimedia tools like animations, videos, audio, and images make teaching more engaging, urging students to retain more information as they pay more attention to their study content. Infographics help summarise lectures and essential pointers, enhancing the teaching quality of instructors. The growing use of PowerPoint presentations also helps save time and increase communication between students and instructors. The best part is multimedia's significance in educating people of all ages. This inclusive ability makes the smart education system much more effective and rewarding.


Incorporation Of AI And AR

Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are essential for boosting education’s quality. They have enabled the development of several applications to target specific parts of educational material. While 3D art apps assist instructors in teaching virtual arts, AI reduces teachers’ workload by automating grading systems. AI also offers suggestions to help weaker students improve their learning and educational performances. AR also intrigues educational institutions because of its user-friendly accessibility and wallet-friendly employment.


Discussion Forums And Debate Boards

One of the best tools of the modern smart education system is its attempts to improve engagement between teachers and students. The smart education and learning system introduces online discussion and debate forums to encourage people to express their thoughts and views. Now, students don’t need to hesitate or fear the thought of speaking and messing up their words. Virtual forums encourage everyone to type their discussions, making every lecture more simulating. In addition, reading or listening to other participants’ feedback is a massive help for students to cultivate their thinking and comprehension skills.

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