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06 May 2022

Is Solar Roofing The Future Of Energy Generation?

Solar’s future is exceptionally bright- and that’s the truth. Recent years show evolving consumer preferences and high demands for ecological practices. And with awareness about sustainable development and growing environmental problems on the rise, every stakeholder demands, and supplies things promoting green living.


The concept of solar energy production is nothing new, and every year, the use of solar roofing increases from the previous year. It’s not wrong to say that forget the future; solar energy is the PRESENT solution to sustainable energy generation.


Due to the surge in the global solar energy markets, it’s no breaking news that the use and manufacturing of solar roofing are skyrocketing. But what exactly are solar roofs, and how legit are they? Read along to find the answer!


What Is Solar Roofing?


Solar roofing is also commonly referred to as solar shingles. These contemporary roofing materials absorb sunlight to produce electricity. The building-integrated photovoltaics are available in several types, including semi-rigid designs consisting of silicon solar cells, solid panels, and the more conventional invention: the thin-film solar cell technologies. They’re more functional in flexibility and size, offering customization based on every consumer’s requirement.


Did Elon Musk Contribute?


Several people were familiar with solar energy back in the day, and quite a few had begun adopting it already. However, it was not until Elon Musk created the well-deserved hype about solar panels, solar electricity, and sustainable power generation that intrigued and appealed to the masses.


Musk’s advocacy of the solar shingle market enabled people to clarify their misconceptions and answer their unanswered questions better. With more understanding of solar power’s feasibility, the long-awaited boom finally happened.


Tesla’s launch of eco-friendly automobiles had already played significant roles, but now, the industry premium is upscaling its services and boosting demands for solar roof installations. According to Tesla’s findings, solar roofing installation tripled in 2020’s Q2 from Q1 and almost doubled in Q3! The solar roof deployment trends assessment shows that that’s a crucial indicator of growing interest and consumers shifting to solar energy practices.


Implications Of The Pandemic On Solar Roofing Markets


Surprisingly, the global solar roofing market wasn’t significantly affected due to the covid’19 outbreak. Although the pandemic restricted disposable incomes, several drivers pushed the demand for solar roofing. Individuals spending more time at home because of restricted outdoor activities and working from home due to lockdowns increased energy bills.


That caused families to consider switching to cost-effective means of energy consumption. Therefore, even though commercial energy consumption was reduced, households started installing more solar roofing, mainly the larger family homes.


Now that the economies are recovering and trade is restarting, high competition and businesses looking to minimize their operational costs are leading to commercial sites increasing demands for solar roof installations.


The only essential hurdle for the international demand for solar roofing is insufficient government intervention. Several nations still experience a lack of government subsidies, initiatives, and interests to promote solar roofing on a broader level and urge more consumers to incorporate this ecological mode of electricity generation.


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