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28 July 2022

Top Manufacturers In The International CCTV Camera Market

The international CCTV camera market is expected to flourish in the following years due to several reasons. As crime rates increase and consumer reliance on surveillance skyrockets, people continue seeking advanced CCTV cameras to notch up security around their premises. Be it residential, industrial, commercial, or government and defence-based spaces.


CCTV cameras are being excessively used each passing day. Technological innovations further expand this market due to the addition of the latest features like clear night vision and bulletproof abilities. The surveillance cameras are even available in various sizes, shapes, and types to cater to mass requirements. These powerful elements ensure growing sales within the global industry, enabling manufacturers to reap the benefits of improved revenues and profitability. While more and more brands enter the competitive landscape to earn their market shares, some companies continue thriving, being coined as the industry’s leading players. Below we discuss the top four producers of the global market.



Sanyo (officially Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd) was established in 1947 by Toshio Iue. Today, its headquarters lay in Osaka, Japan, and the company caters to clients worldwide. The multinational specialises in manufacturing electronics, including vacuum cleaners, CCTV cameras, dry batteries, and cellular phones. Previously, it had more than two hundred affiliates and subsidiaries until Panasonic bought it in 2009. The company generates annual revenue of over eighty-four billion Japanese yen (¥) and, as a consolidated firm, employs over one hundred thousand human resources.



Established in 1938, Samsung is among the biggest manufacturers of CCTV cameras. The business offers a wide range of products and services, the most noteworthy ones being consumer electronics, telecommunications, home appliances, clothing, financial services, shipbuilding, and construction. The multinational has headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea and currently holds the title of the leading South Korean conglomerate. Its affiliates include Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung Engineering, and Samsung Heavy Industries.



Sony Group Corporation (often called Sony) was established in 1946 by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka. The Japanese multinational firm has its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, and is among the most influential businesses in the technological sector. It is a global producer of professional and consumer electronics, serving clients worldwide. Some of its leading products and services include video game consoles, robots, telecommunications equipment, financial services, advertising agency, and network services. According to the fiscal year 2021, the conglomerate corporation generated over eight trillion Japanese Yen (¥) and employed roughly one hundred thousand workers.



Honeywell is an America-based conglomerate corporation. Established by Mark C. Honeywell in 1906, the multinational has its headquarters in North Carolina, United States. It specialises in four sectors: performance materials & technologies, aerospace, safety & productivity solutions, and home & building technologies. The company’s subsidiaries include UOP LLC, Honeywell Aerospace, and Intermec. Honeywell was titled 94th in Fortune 100 in 2021. In the same year, it experienced annual revenue of over thirty-four billion USD and employed more than ninety-nine thousand workers.

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