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03 October 2022

Circulating Tumor Cell Diagnostics Market Research Reports Now Included in Douglas Insights Comparison Engine

Circulating tumour cell diagnosis and testing is becoming more common. It enables medical professionals to detect and quantify the tumour cells in the cancer patient’s blood. Unique methods are used for CTC diagnosis because these cells exist in the blood in different biological phenotypes such as mesenchymal, epithelial, and mixed. As they are present in small quantities in the blood, detecting these cells requires isolation-enrichment followed by a second detection phase. Special CTC identification devices to make this otherwise complex diagnosis possible. This is one of the many reasons expected to propel industry growth. Hence, looking at the dire need for quality insights into the circulating tumour cell diagnostics market, Douglas Insights has now included CTC market research reports in its comparison engine. 


This new addition to the engine enables medical professionals, analysts, experts, and organizations to compare and evaluate circulating tumour cell diagnostics market data. It helps professionals to compare research reports on price, publisher rating, number of pages, and table of contents. Furthermore, by comparing research studies globally, professionals can extract quality information, findings, and insights needed to make better investment decisions. Accessing the market size, share, trends, drivers, and restraints using these research findings. 


Studies reveal that the circulating tumour cell diagnostic market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.5 per cent from 2022 to 2027. In these five years, the expected growth is likely to be triggered by multiple factors. 


The major growth factor is the growing cancer prevalence in patients worldwide. Unfortunately, cancer patients are increasing globally at a fast rate. In 2021, cancer accounted for nearly ten million deaths worldwide. Moreover, new cases of cancer are getting diagnosed every year. Some common types are breast cancer, colon and rectum cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer. 


According to the World Health Organization, the high prevalence of cancer patients has been linked to economic and social development. These include high BMI (body mass index), increased tobacco use, low vegetable and fruit intake, high alcohol use, and a sedentary lifestyle with no intense physical activity. 


Moreover, as the prevalence of cancer in patients of all ages is radically increasing, this has surged the need and demand for fast and effective screening and diagnostic tests and advanced technology to identify and treat cancerous cells. The increasing demand has propelled the circulating tumour cell diagnostics market growth too. Recently, numerous tumour markers have been introduced into the market with companion diagnostics for diagnosing and monitoring various cancers. All these industry drivers continue to attract stakeholders and investors to aggressively invest in developing devices or technologies for early detection and diagnosis of cancer and pain-free treatment. 


Stakeholders also show great interest in the CTC diagnostics market because patients demand and prefer minimally invasive procedures for diagnosing cancer. For example, liquid biopsy tests for CTC are the preferred choice for patients because the test results in limited trauma while ensuring rapid recovery due to its non-invasive nature. These quick and non-invasive methods for diagnosis give patients the strength to move forward with complex surgical procedures like surgical removal of the tumour, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. 


On the other hand, the factors that might hamper or restrain the industry’s growth are the high research cost and lack of awareness. However, the market will grow faster than expected if investors are ready to place high stakes and more programs for CTC diagnostic awareness are introduced. The prevalence of cancer is high, and the demand for preventive medicine among people is also rising. Currently, North America is the dominating region for CTC diagnostics, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. 


New technologies like CTC detection and enrichment methods and applications, such as RNA profiling, cellular communications, and multiple chromosomal abnormalities, are needed to ensure prevention and early detection. These techniques can detect and diagnose cancer early so patients can seek treatment and increase their chances of survival and quality living.

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