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03 October 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Market Research Report To Its Comparison Engine

The Douglas Insights Engine is the world’s first market comparison engine. People from all industries, including market analytics, research, business, and even industry professionals, can make use of the engine to identify the growth opportunities, market drivers, trends, and even hindrances to the market. With the addition of ARDS to the market, the industry professional can predict future market trends and sort out all the relevant information with the help of a table of contents, date of publishing, price, and rating. 



Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is a medical condition in which the lungs are unable to take in enough oxygen to be able to supply to the other organs, which greatly impacts their ability to function normally. ARDS is usually a result of other underlying medical conditions, including sepsis, pneumonia, and injuries in the head, chest, and other vital areas. Common symptoms of ARDS include low blood pressure, shortness of breath, confusion, fatigue, and rapid breathing. Treatment for ARDS usually relies on ventilation, fluids through IV, surfactants, and other medicine that is administered through the respiratory route. 


The market for ARDS treatment is growing and is set to grow for the next couple of years. The main drivers in market growth include newer products in the pipelines, more awareness regarding disease management, and an increase in intensive care units for neonates, in whom the incidence of the disease is greater than in adults. The increase in research in stem cell treatments and further research and development projects will also fuel the market’s growth in the coming years. Because of these driving forces, the market will continue to grow for the next couple of years.


However, there are a few restricting factors in the market’s expansion. These include the limited number of medicines that have so far been approved for the treatment of the disease. Even the ventilation devices that can be used for effective treatment of the disease are few and far in between, which is why the market’s growth will be somewhat restricted for the next couple of years. 


The most significant shares in the market are currently taken up by North America. This is because North America is the most research-oriented region in the healthcare and medical industry, and they are coming up with newer, more innovative modes of treatment consistently. Other than that, Europe, followed by the Asia Pacific, also hold significant shares in the market. The key players in the ARDS treatment industry include Faron Pharmaceuticals, mondoBIOTECH AG, Athersys, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer Inc, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Altor BioSciences, among many others. These players have the financial backing along with the necessary information and tools to eliminate the restraining factors and further the driving forces of the market in the near future as well. 


The drugs used for the treatment of ARDS include bronchodilators, vasoconstrictors, surfactants, steroids, antibiotics, nitric oxide, and sedatives, among many others. These drugs can be inhaled, transmitted through the IV route, or taken orally by the patient, depending on their needs and their functionality. By the end of 202, we will likely be able to see monumental growth in the ARDS in North America because of their ongoing research and development projects. We will also be able to see market growth in Latin America, the Middle East, and even regions in Africa because the market growth at present is minimal, and the needs are increasing. 

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