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30 August 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Counter UAV Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights has added Counter UAV Market to its comparison engine to enable market researchers and industry professionals to identify key market drivers, restrictions, challenges, and opportunities. Douglas Insights is a comparison engine that provides access to a wide range of private and public market reports, allowing its clients to make comparisons using the issued ratings, list of contents, prices, and dates. 


Counter UAV is a military term that stands for Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems. These security systems are used to detect, track, and destroy unmanned airborne vehicles that pose a threat. Instead of circling the battlefield, counter UAV systems hover over specifically targeted locations to destroy enemy HUD and radar systems. Counter UAV systems also enable the lawful and safe disabling of unmanned aircraft systems. The primary purpose of these technologically advanced systems is to provide security in sensitive and vulnerable locations.   


The covid-19 pandemic had a significant negative impact on the counter UAV market as governments across the world placed stringent regulations for the closure of businesses and numerous other enterprises. Due to the closure of businesses and a fall in the number of projects worldwide, the counter UAV market experienced a fall in growth. Since workers were not allowed to leave their homes, they could not successfully meet the demand for counter UAVs. Furthermore, travel restrictions lead to disruptions in the global supply chains, preventing the transference of counter UAVs. However, due to an improvement in the situation, the counter UAV market is expected to flourish in the upcoming years at a CAGR of 15.4% between 2021 and 2028. 


The rising incidences of security breaches and terrorist activities worldwide are propelling the growth of the counter UAV market. Moreover, there has been an increasing demand for aerial security in defense applications, likely to create further growth opportunities in this market. 


The counter UAV market is also being propelled by the increasing number of research and advancements in the systems' capabilities. The companies specializing in these defense systems are continuously working to develop ways to counter terrorist threats from UAVs to ensure safety and security. Moreover, there has also been an increase in the demand for Counter UAV systems equipped with electro-optical infrared and RF scanner technologies.


Furthermore, there has been an increase in demand for civil UAVs across a wide range of industrial applications such as agriculture, farming, weather monitoring, disaster management, gas inspection, filming and scientific research across the world which is also contributing to the growth of the counter UAV market. This increasing use of civil UAVs is likely to pose threats of hacking and data breaches, thereby creating a need for counter UAVs across these sectors. Due to an increase in the number of unwanted drones, new drone-countering technologies have been developed, such as drone defenders, which will also foster the growth of the counter UAV market. Moreover, some nations, such as Brazil and China, have passed stringent laws limiting the use of drones. Unknown drones have been spotted in several places such as airports, military land, and jails, which is why there is a need for Counter UAV systems.


In terms of regions, the counter UAV market can be divided into North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa, with North America having the biggest market share due to increasing investment by the US government in counter-drone programs. However, the counter UAV market faces inconsistent legal and regulatory laws that are difficult to comprehend and navigate. This problem persists because technologies are now changing faster than laws and thus hindering the growth of the counter UAV market. 


Key players in the counter UAV market include Northrop Grumman, Israel Aerospace Industries, Chess Dynamics, Blighter Surveillance Systems Ltd., Leonardo S.p.a., SRC Inc, Airbus S.A.S, Thales Group, Chess Dynamics, and Enterprise Control Systems.

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