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08 October 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Hand Sanitiser Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights, the world's first-ever market research report comparison engine, has now included Hand Sanitiser Market Research Reports in its comparison engine. Market experts, researchers, analytics, business professionals, and industry experts can now analyse past and current market trends, key drivers of growth, market constraints, barriers, and projections. Douglas Insights is a digital platform that gives researchers access to various private and public market reports. It enables them to evaluate and compare reports by Ratings, List of Contents, Date of Publication, and Prices.


The Hand Sanitiser Market is one of the few markets not negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This market experienced tremendous growth and is projected to continue its positive growth trend in the upcoming years. 


The Hand Sanitiser Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% between 2022 and 2032. Since the commencement of COVID, there's been a marked increase in public knowledge regarding the importance of hygiene and healthcare. Although there was a huge demand for hand sanitisers long before the pandemic, its sales skyrocketed soon after people learned how easily transmittable Covid is. 


The market for hand sanitisers is also projected to grow due to the increase in illnesses and the frequency and admittance of individuals affected by the virus. Thus, alcohol-based hand sanitisers and disinfectants hold the largest market share in the global disinfectants market due to their efficiency against various viruses and bacteria.


Health care professionals worldwide are now advising routine hand washing with soap and water to stop the transmission of the coronavirus. However, in the absence of water, hand sanitisers are the ideal substitute to help reduce the amount of dirt and germs on the hands. Additionally, the ethanol or ethyl alcohol ingredient used in the formulation of the instant hand sanitising gels kills 99.9% of bacteria in a matter of seconds. Due to these reasons, the hand sanitiser market is expected to grow in the future. 


Moreover, companies are investing in research and development to improve their formula due to the increasing demand for hand sanitisers. For example, several hand sanitisers now contain moisturising elements that help tackle skin dryness and dehydration. 


South and East Asian counties offer significant growth and expansion opportunities in the hand sanitiser market. Government initiatives have also increased public awareness regarding covid-19 protocols, health safety, and hygiene standards. Additionally, governments worldwide are increasingly granting manufacturing and distribution licenses to new companies to meet the rising demand for hand sanitiser. These initiatives and relaxations are also fueling the growth of the hand sanitiser market. 


Furthermore, there is no tolerance for bacteria and viruses in the health and food services industries, and governments have stringent rules and regulations governing hygiene and safety standards. As a result of these strict policies, the commercial sector is increasingly adopting hand sanitisers by encouraging staff members, including chefs, servers, and workers in the food industry, to use them frequently. Hand sanitisers are now available at entry points in all public areas such as shopping centres, libraries, restaurants, salons, gyms, hospitals, etc., another factor fueling the demand for hand sanitisers.


However, rising supply chain disruption and consequent supply-demand gaps worldwide create substantial challenges for companies operating in the hand sanitiser market. Several firms are now resorting to mass production skills to meet the demand for hand sanitisers. 

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