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08 October 2022

Douglas Insights Adds Protein Sequencing Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights has included Protein Sequencing Market research reports in its analysis platform. This addition enables analysts, market researchers, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs to evaluate market trends, growth drivers, constraints, challenges, and projections of today's trending markets. Douglas Insights is the world's first comparison engine with market research reports. Researchers may compare different reports by Table of Contents, Publisher Rating, Date of Publication, and Price using the digital tool, which has access to the broadest selection of public and private market reports.


Protein sequencing is a de novo technique that determines and analyses the amino acid composition using the mass spectrum. This approach can help scientists discover more about the structure of proteins. Protein sequencing has emerged as a prominent high-throughput proteomic method with many uses. One of the best-known uses is target-based drug discovery. Protein sequencing businesses' increasing emphasis on target-based drug development initiatives in developed and developing markets is a significant determinant of market expansion. 


The market is expanding as more developing nations increase their investment in proteomics development. The increased need for protein biomarkers in drug development is a significant reason pushing the protein sequencing sector to snowball.


The market is primarily driven by pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses in various emerging and developed countries, emphasising target-based medication development operations. Recent developments in de novo peptide-sequencing techniques and analytical approaches using neural network models have created new business opportunities. An example would be the development of the mass spectrometer. 


The hefty expense of infrastructure and apparatus, including mass spectrometers, restricts the use of the protein sequencing approach, though.


Another factor driving the market is the increasing use of protein sequencing technology to find new sequences in human antigens and antibodies. In some regions of the world, there are challenges to the market's ability to reach its full potential due to a lack of necessary technological know-how and laboratory infrastructure. However, technical developments for detecting isobaric residues in protein sequences are anticipated to open up a wide range of opportunities in the protein sequencing market worldwide.


North America has the most market potential for protein sequencing in all geographical areas. Significant growth in regional sales throughout the evaluation period is attributed to well-known pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses' rising R&D costs. Additionally, several governmental and commercial entities have invested significantly in proteome research.


Regional demand is supported by companies' increased attention to structure-based medication discovery and the introduction of technologically sophisticated analytical methodologies employed in protein sequencing.


The introduction of technologically sophisticated equipment, operating systems, and facilities for protein sequencing, the high prices of sequencing facilities, the difficulty of protein sequencing techniques, and the affordability of state-of-the-art sequencing facilities between providers contribute to the segment's expansion.


The mass spectrometry segment's significant market share may be ascribed to its benefits, including its capacity for high-tech sequencing, affordability, and the ability to identify blocked or altered proteins. The market's expansion is also attributable to market participants' growing emphasis on introducing technologically cutting-edge mass spectrometry equipment and expanding mass spectrometry's use in proteomics exploration.


A significant driver of the expansion of the educational institutions and research centres market is the rise in financing for proteome research by both governmental and commercial institutions. These facilities depend on protein sequencing companies to conduct proteomic analysis because they lack the necessary infrastructure, have a finite quantity of samples, and cannot afford to buy essential protein sequencing supplies.


Additionally, several academic institutions and research facilities offer a range of protein sequencing techniques, including Edman degradation and mass spectrometry.


Some significant firms intend to introduce cutting-edge mass spectrometry systems to obtain a distinct competitive advantage over their rivals in the worldwide protein sequencing industry. Some well-known businesses are also enhancing their market presence by boosting the distribution of reagents and consumables. Among the leading companies active on the market are Bioinformatics Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Charles River Laboratories, Shimadzu Corp., and SGS S.A.

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