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30 August 2022

Douglas Insights Expands Its Comparison Engine With Gamification in Education Market Report

Douglas Insights has included Gamification in Education Market report in their comparison engine for market research reports allowing clients to access and review reports by different publishers and compare their selected reports by published date and price, and publisher rating, and list of tables. Douglas Insights uses algorithms and filters to provide accurate data for evaluation, enabling sound decision-making for increased productivity and efficient investment. 


Gamification in the education market is on the rise because of the increasing interest of end users in digital learning and the widespread adoption of VR/AR technologies. Game-based learning solutions are implemented in non-gaming sectors to improve the learning experience for better results. Techniques like machine learning, classification, clustering, information mining, and many more make up the bulk of digital learning. In recent years, gamification has allowed teachers to work on their teaching methods and create an inclusive environment for students with disabilities and unique needs. 


North America leads the market by owning the largest share of 34.3% in 2021. The future gamification deployment is centred around Asia-Pacific countries that, until recently, struggled to adapt to smart solutions. China and India are proactively deploying game-based learning solutions in their educational institutes to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Their audience is more receptive to the change because of the shift in socioeconomic patterns and increases in per capita revenue. 


Judging by the latest trends, APAC will likely lead the gamification market in the coming few years. This development is more likely because of the new government policies supporting digital learning and pushing for technical expertise and diversified skill sets in the national workforce. 


Some of the key vendors in gamification in the education market are America's Bunchball, Microsoft, Google—Grasshopper, Recurrence, Cognizant, CK-12, and Kuato Studios; India's NIIT, MPS Interactive, and Fundamentor; Canada's D2L, Top Hat, and Classcraft Studios; Mexico's BLUErabbit and Norway's Kahoot. 


They offer mechanical licensing, higher security, and storage space, making it easy for users to access, maintain, customize, and deploy their game-based learning solution. Additionally, they upgrade the course material automatically and set up the system at a very low cost. The benefits offered by the vendors are supported by advancements in virtual technology, communication and e-learning tools, and deployment procedures. 


NIIT will soon close its collaboration training program with Pitney Bowes, through which they trained their employees in gamification, digital management, and leadership. Top Hat signed a similar deal with Indiana University in 2018 that entailed providing education facilities to their eight campuses, catering to the needs of 114,000 students. 


The end user segmentation is divided into academic, K12, and corporate training, but corporate training is the only one predominately leading the market. It owned 54.2% of the market revenue in 2021 and is expected to grow more aggressively than the academic segment in the future. Companies are using gamification to enhance their employees' existing set of skills and help them showcase their talent through digital means. There is an increased emphasis on improving technical expertise. To address this need, gamification provides a venue for interactive learning and open communication. 


The positive traction of gamification is also related to the success of one of its deployment modes, cloud computing, as it owned 56.7% market share in the education market in 2021. Countries susceptible to innovative learning solutions and cloud computing will hold more market share than those struggling to meet basic gamification requirements like skilled instructors, trainers, and appropriate tools. 

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