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30 August 2022

Douglas Insights Includes 3D Cell Culture Microplates Market Report in Its Comparison Engine

Douglas Insights enables effective market research for its clients by including the 3D Cell Culture Microplates Market report in its comparison engine. Industry professionals and individuals can access research reports by different publishers and compare them using the issued rating, date, price, and a list of tables. Douglas Insights’ comparison engine, the first of its kind, helps clients boost their productivity and make informed decisions based on market evaluation results.


The 3D cell culture microplates market was accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic as researchers and pharmaceutical companies worked on creating culture-based vaccines against the deadly virus. These vaccines were used and are still being used to immunize individuals worldwide. The controlled metrics of the cell culture allow researchers to manipulate nutritious input and other components to produce a desired curative effect. 


Some of the leading players in the 3D cell culture microplates market are America’s Thermo Fisher Scientific, Corning Incorporated, Avantor Inc., 3D Biotek LLC., Emulate Inc., and Synthecon Incorporated; Switzerland’s Lonza Group AG, InSphero AG, and Tecan Trading AG; Japan’s REPROCELL Inc., England’s CN Bio Innovations and Germany’s Merck KGaA. 


The 3D cell culture microplate is spread over Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Lamea regions, with North America leading with the largest share in the market in 2021. The rapid increase in cancer cases and advanced research facilities and pharmaceuticals at their disposal make it the fastest growing regional market for 3D cell cultures. In 2021, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. of the USA decided to spend $600 million on its expansion to Europe and Asia with improved bioprocessing production abilities. Based on market trends, USA pharmaceuticals will continue to dominate the regional market in the future.


The key market drivers of the 3D cell culture microplates market are pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies, the cosmetic industry, and research institutes. These end users use 3D cell culture in diagnostic testing for clinical trials, degenerative disease research like cancer, stem cell treatments, in-vitro fertilization, and toxicology. The market benefits from the increased demand for regenerative medicine, in-vitro vaccines, and organ transplantation. Additionally, it is a crucial component in drug response and resistant research now that animal testing is being criticized globally. Research institutes use 3D cell culture as an alternative method to develop drugs and treatments. 


Considering the trends related to its application, the 3D cell culture microplates market was predominately led by the cancer research sector in 2020. Furthermore, the market is expected to thrive in the coming years as the need for cell-based treatment and vaccines is increasing. COVID variants, monkeypox, and other viral and infectious diseases necessitate using 3D cell culture for developing antiviral medications. It also produces vaccines in the shortest time with minimum room for error. 


Conversely, there is a growing emphasis on improving healthcare quality which leads to rectification of microfluidics-based 3D cell culture methods and prioritization of scaffold-based 3D cell cultures. Researchers use the latter as it has a rigid structure and provides points for attachment and convenience of the support. The preference enables scaffold-based 3D cell cultures, specifically their Hydrogels subsegments, to own the largest market share in 2020 at 68.96%. Still, the segment faces challenges in research sectors as its varying growth factors breed inconsistencies in research batches and simultaneously disturb biological studies. Market restraints include the availability of alternative cell cultures like 2D, the higher acquisition cost of related technologies, and fewer industry experts. 

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