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09 September 2022

Douglas Insights Includes Women’s Activewear Market Research Reports to Its Comparison Engine

The Women’s Activewear Market Report by Douglas Insights aims to inform about the details of growing developments, market share and any localized and domestic market players. There is also information regarding the product launches and pipelines in the mix of the market. The market scenario information also allows the client to care to all sorts of industry changes and advancements in technology. The information is curated to help companies to achieve their own goals. Some major areas covered include the growth drivers, opportunities, trends, challenges and restraints that make up most of the report.


Women's activewear involves the clothing women wear to work out or during sports to dissipate sweat and ensure that they remain cool after an activity. The growing importance of sports activities and the rising demand for the health and wellness aspects of society are also some critical trends in the market's growth. Many manufacturers are currently in the business, and several different products are on their way for this industry. 


There is an active trend in popular brands such as Nike, Addidas, etc. Many of these use different trends such as endorsements by celebrities and M&A strategies to attract new consumers into the folds. Companies like these are now majorly connected to making women's activewear affordable and inclusive. Endorsements for and by female athletes and greater inclusion are also driving the market demand. Nike's Collaboration with Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Muslim-American Fencer f has created active wear such as water and sweat-resistance Hijabs, which are now a part of activewear. 


The other major drivers are growing awareness and participation of women in sports and other leisure activities, which drives the market demand. There is also a rising disposable income for most of the global population, increasing the need for women's activewear. Greater opportunities and more inclusion in sports also drive the market forward. There is also the introduction of many government awareness schemes that allow women to be a bigger part of the sports culture. In wellness, women are at the top of the fitness scheme. The popularity of yoga and other fitness activities drives the market forward. 


The unique advantages that activewear allows and its technological feats are also some of the significant drivers of market growth. They have benefits like thermal resistance, breathability, and chemical resistance that add to the market growth. There is also a rise in health consciousness amongst people. The popularity of fast food is adding to the prevalence of a sedentary lifestyle which drives the market forward. The presence of fit bodies on social media also creates a lot of motivation for people to pursue healthier alternatives. 


The penetration of the internet in every aspect of life also drives the market.

Like drivers, some major restraints prevent the market from growing further. There is a high cost for all of these wearables. Women's activewear, for some reason, has a lot of pink tax, which isn't the same for men's activewear. There is also a high cost for luxurious sports wearables, which can hamper the market growth. This activewear also takes a lot of water and energy to make, which is why it may be very high. The volatile costs of the raw materials are one of the major restraints and challenges which cause a decline in the market growth. 


COVID-19 also had a massive impact on the costs of the products due to disturbances in the supply chain. This coupled with the increase in oil-prices is making womne't activewear lose sales as people opt for products that are more necessary in the long run. 

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