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2 years ago

Silver Nanowires Market By Application (Anti-microbial, Conductive Silver Adhesive, Display Technology, Magnetic Devices, Nano Generators, Nano Welding, OLED Lighting, Printed Circuit Board, Sensors, Solar Cell and PV Panels, Transparent Conductive Film, Others) By Method of Fabrication (Air-Spraying Coating Method, Liquid Polyol Method, Self-Assembly Method, Template Method, Ultrasonic Reduction Method, Vacuum filtration Method, Other): Growth, Trends, Covid-19 Impact and Forecast 2015 - 2027

The Silver Nanowires market revenue was valued at USD 304 million in 2020 despite a sharp downturn amid COVID 19 pandemic. However, whopping demand for silver nanowires is targeted to take the market to the new height of USD 1,754 million, growing at a lucrative CAGR of over 18 toward the end of 2027.


Silver nanowires are nanostructures with a 10-9 m diameter, with aspect rat...

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Silver Nanowires Market

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