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Frequently asked questions


Who Are Douglas insights UK Limited?

Our goal is straightforward- we function to assist you with quick and effective decision-making. We’re a platform that connects publishers with their audience, offers freelancers a portal to share their market research reports, and gives clients prompt and insightful consultation services.

Since our establishment, we have continued serving essential clients, and helping publishers expand awareness of their market research reports. With our headquarter in the United Kingdom, we’re responsible for posting reports of 100+ global markets and niches to help individuals and businesses make informed decisions in the quickest time possible.

How To Use Douglas Insights UK Limited?

You can navigate through our website, search for your required global markets and keywords on our “Search” tab or sign up with us to publish your reports. You can also contact us to schedule our experienced consultancy services.

You can access our website using any smart gadget you have. In case of queries and questions, our online contact form or contact details are available for your use. Please visit our Contact Us page for further information and connecting with our representatives. Contact Us


How To Register For My Account?

You can click on our Registration Page and get started with your journey with us.

If you want to update your personal data and registration details, you can simply visit the “Details” tab on your Account page and make the required modifications.

Why Should I Register?

Registering with us can enable you to track and review your inquiry and order details. You can also sign up for the “New Arrivals” notifications to alert you with all the newly published market research reports on our portal. Registering your account with us can gain you access to all Confidential Projects and enable you to avail free samples and special offers on our website.

I Have Forgotten My Password. What To Do?

You can select the “Forgot your password” option present on the login page and you will receive an email containing the steps you must take for resetting your password.


How To Search For Available Categories For Market Research Reports?

Our website has a list of available categories on the homepage, or you can type in your preferred keywords in the search bar to deliver accurate results quickly. You can view the categories and subsections to find the market research reports that meet your demands.

How To Search For A Specific Product?

Type relevant keywords on the search bar and browse through the search results. You can assess reports, compare their ratings and table of contents, and then purchase the one that’s ideal for you. You can also apply filters to further narrow down and refine your search results.

Who Produces The Market Research Reports?

The market research reports available on our portal are compiled and posted by reputable and experienced global research publishers.

Can I Compare Market Research Reports?

Of course!

Douglas Insights UK Limited offers an exclusive comparison search engine that allows you to compare market research reports on the same screen. You can compare the List of tables, price, published date, and publisher rating to make prompt and effective decisions.

What To Do If I Have A Question On A Particular Product?

Every page of our website has an “Email Us” or “Contact Us” option. You can click on the link to find our customer representatives' email addresses, online contact forms, or contact details. You can write your messages or call our helpline to clarify your queries. Our team ensures to get back to you at the earliest time possible.

How Are The Market Research Reports Rated?

Douglas Insights UK Limited aims to keep our products and services as transparent as possible. To create further ease, our skilled experts review and rate the published reports based on the number of reports by the publisher, the average price of the report, sample quality, and client support.


How To Place My Order?

You can head to our How to order page to read a quick yet comprehensive guide for placing your orders and information on delivery time, payment methods, and shipping charges.


You can learn all about how we use and protect your personal data and cookie settings on our Privacy Policy page. You can also visit our Terms and Conditions page to read about our website’s purposes, account details, and liabilities. Privacy Policy
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