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Knowledge Of The Dynamics Of Global Markets Is One Step Away!

Since its establishment, our Douglas Insights UK Limited team has strived to connect individuals and businesses with the in-depth and authentic market analysis needed for making informed decisions. We cater to an extensive client portfolio and act as the bridge between linking market report publishers with their audience.

As our clients continue growing, so does our passion for serving you better. That’s why here, at Doulas Insights UK Limited, we promote transparency and offer high-quality products and services you need for intelligent decision-making and accomplishing your objectives. From luxury markets, IoT, and Industrial niches to Medical, Mechanical, and Chemical sectors. Douglas Insights is a one-stop for all sector insights.

What Do We Offer?

Our 3 Primary Services Are:

For Publishers

Douglas Insights promotes your market research reports and services. Our marketing experts use online and offline promotional strategies, including email marketing, SEO PPC, joining conferences, etc. We help create awareness of your reports and assign them ratings to connect you with your audience.

How Are Your Market Research Reports Rated?

Our professionals evaluate your reports and provide an initial rating. It’s based on four points:

  1. Number Of Reports
  2. Average Price Of Report
  3. Sample Quality
  4. Client Support

After your market research reports are sold to clients, they are asked to rate your analysis based on 3 points:

  1. Report Quality
  2. Response Time
  3. Post-Sale Support

The ratings play an essential role in your promotional activities as our marketers highlight both ratings to link you with your target customers.

For Freelancers

We at Douglas Insights UK Limited aim to broaden our horizons to facilitate freelancers. You don’t need to be established and permanent market researchers to promote your reports. We provide our services for freelancing researchers and also help them publish anonymously.

Freelancers can easily sign up on our website and upload their market research reports. You can also opt for signing up and posting anonymously. Reports by freelancers are evaluated based on standardized criteria, and only your customers wouldn’t know your identity.

In addition, as a freelance market researcher, you can still bid on all projects published on our portal. As a registered freelancer, you can also view all confidential projects available at the Douglas Insights database.

Moreover, just like publishers, as a freelancer, you can either post your reports that are confidential or non-confidential. Confidential ones are accessible only for other registered publishers and freelancers at Douglas Insights.

However, Non-confidential ones are accessible for every individual and business that searches for your niche. That means online users searching for your relevant market on search engines can also view your market research reports.

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For Clients

We understand the value of time. Productivity and efficiency are possible when you take prompt and assured decisions. And that’s where Douglas Insights enters to boost your effectiveness. We help our clients access rated and informative market research reports from a wide range of industries and markets.

With our advanced algorithm, filters, and comparison engine, you can compare your preferred reports simultaneously, based on publisher rating, published date, price, and list of tables. Our data portal enables you to find and review the reports from several publishers. You can evaluate numerous reports on the same screen and select the sample for your best match.

Comparison promotes better comprehension and more time-effectiveness as you find the most relevant searches for your requirements. In case of an absence of reports for your preferred market, you can create a new project on our portal. That alerts our team and publishers of the lack of research reports for those specific sectors.

We also offer expert consultancy to our clients. Our consultants are well-experienced and certified to cater to you in the best way possible. You can achieve your desired milestones using the professionalism and expertise of Douglas Insights consultancy. The consultants use their extensive industry information to guide you through the most challenging decisions using the most innovative solutions.

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More market insight means better perspectives to handle complexities, and that’s where our team comes along. We at Douglas Insights UK Limited enable you to access advanced analytics, workflow tools, and personalized market analysis. The customized data and powerful intelligence offered by our group of researchers and consultants provide you with the evidence you need to finalize your decisions.

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Unique Data

Avail of the advanced mapping and taxonomy to get insight on industries, competitors, partners, niches, and regions. That helps you engage with your customers by monitoring their changing demands. Market trends also enable you to apply innovation, overcome market gaps, and secure an improved position in the industry.

Analytics At Your Disposal

Benefit from the available analytics and receive real-time information using several APIs. That can assist in developing your investment portfolios to offer maximum returns and help you shortlist potential partners to expand your business.