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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Douglas Insights UK Limited’s Privacy Policy 2022.

Last Updated: 13.04.2022

Douglas Insights UK Limited prioritizes and respects your privacy. We are dedicated to safeguarding your personal data. Our privacy policy includes the transparent procedure of how we view your information as you reach out to us, click onto our websites regardless of the gadget you use, or type in your details to proceed with online transactions. Our privacy policy also lists your privacy rights and the laws that safeguard your personal data.

The executives of Douglas Insights UK Limited include a Data Compliance Officer in charge of supervising procedures relevant to our privacy policy. In case of queries and questions about our privacy policy and laws, you can reach out to the Data Compliance Officer of Douglas Insights UK Limited and have them guide you on your legal rights.


Purpose Of Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is developed to inform you about how Douglas Insights UK Limited collects and processes your data obtained as you use our website, including information gathered as you sign up for our newsletter, make purchase transactions, or engage with us in any way.

Our website and services target businesses and individuals. However, it is not intended for children, and we never intentionally gather information relevant to children. Before interacting with us, you must always go through our privacy policies to understand and be fully aware of how and why Douglas Insights use your data.

Changes In Our Privacy Policy

Our legal team at Douglas Insights maintains and regularly reviews our privacy policy. We post relevant notifications on our home page to inform the viewers in case of any revision or change. We also advise our users to punctually visit this page to be well-informed about all our latest updates in privacy policies and how we safeguard your personal information collected.

It is crucial that the data we collect about you is precise and updated. Therefore, we request that you inform us beforehand if there’s a change in your personal information during your interaction.

Third-Party Links

Our website might include third-party links to other websites, applications, and plug-ins. If you click on these links or allow a connection, third parties may be permitted to gather and share information about you. Douglas Insights does not manage these third-party links and is not held responsible for their privacy statements. Once you leave our website, we recommend that you go through the privacy policies of all other websites you click on.


Personal information refers to the data of any individual used for identifying that person. However, personal data doesn’t contain anonymous data (where the identity is removed). Douglas Insights UK Limited may collect, store, use, or transfer types of your personal information that we group under the following categories:

Contact Data

Telephone number, address, and email address

Profile Data

Username, password, preferences, interests, feedback, transactions, and order history

Identity Data

Name, username, title, gender

Technical Data

Login data, internet protocol (IP) address, operating systems, browser plug-in type, and version, time zone setting, browser type, and version

Transaction Data

Payment details, information of products and services you buy from us

Usage Data

Data on how you use our website, products, and services

Financial Data

Bank account and payment card information

Marketing And Communications Data

Preferences in receiving our promotional activities, third-party and communication preference

Douglas Insights UK Limited also collects, shares, and uses Aggregated Information, including demographic and statistical data. It can be accumulated from your personal information but isn’t categorized as personal data as per the law because it will NOT reveal your identities, directly or indirectly.

Douglas Insights UK Limited does NOT collect the information of the Special Categories of Personal Data, including your religion, sexual orientation, trade union membership, race, biometric information, health records). We also do not accumulate data related to your offenses and felonies.

Failure To Provide Your Personal Information

When we need your personal information according to the law, and as per the terms of our contract with you, failure to offer us the requested data can mean you are breaking the law, or we may be unable to fulfill the contract conditions (like offering you our products or services). In such cases, Douglas Insights might cancel our contract. However, we will always inform you first before taking any action.

How Does Douglas Insights Collect Your Personal Data?

We collect your personal data using several procedures:

Third Parties

We can gather information from publicly available sources or third parties related to your business dynamics that can benefit you. We also collect technical data through analytic providers, like Google LLC.

Automated Interactions Or Technologies

We automatically gather your technical data relevant to your browsing patterns and actions as you engage with our website.

Direct Interactions

You might offer us your personal data, including financial, contact, identity, and marketing information, by placing orders, subscribing to our newsletter, or submitting online forms and online surveys.

How Does Douglas Insights UK Limited Use Your Personal Data?

We use your data only when the law permits us to. Generally, we collect and use your information for the following reasons:

  • For complying with legal obligations
  • When it’s necessary for your interests and our legal interests and primary laws don’t overrule such interests
  • Performing the contract and upholding our end of terms

Why Does Douglas Insights UK Limited Use Your Personal Data?

Below, we offer a table to describe how Douglas Insights will use your personal information, keeping well within the legalities and our legitimate interests when necessary. Feel free to contact us to understand further details of particular legal activities.


Data Type

Legal Basis For Data Processing, Including Basis of Legal Interests

Managing your relationship with us that will require:

  • Requesting for reviews or participation in surveys
  • Notifications related to a change in terms of our privacy policy
  • Profile
  • Contact
  • Identity
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Needed for complying with legal obligations
  • Performing our contract with you
  • Required for our legal interests (keeping our database updated and evaluating consumer usage for our products and services

Delivering relevant and accurate web content and promotional activities and understanding their effectiveness

  • Usage
  • Profile
  • Contact
  • Identity
  • Technical
  • Marketing and Communication

Required for our legal interests (studying consumer usage of our products, developing new products and services, expanding our business, and informing you of our promotional strategy)

Registering you as a new client

  • Contact
  • Identity

Performing our contract with you

Enabling you to participate in a survey, competition, or prize draw

  • Usage
  • Contact
  • Profile
  • Identity
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Performing our contract with you
  • Required for our legal interests (studying consumer usage of our products and services, product development, and business expansion)

Processing and delivering your order that will require:

  • Management of payments, charges, and fees
  • Collection and recovery of money due to us
  • Financial
  • Contact
  • Transaction
  • Identity
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Needed for our legal interests (recovering debts owed to us)
  • Performing our contract with you

Using data analytics for improving our website, products, services, customer relationship and experience, and marketing

  • Usage
  • Technical

Required for our legal/valid interests (defining customers, updating our website, developing our business, and informing our promotional policy)

Suggesting relevant services and products to you and contacting you with information of business opportunities that may benefit you

  • Profile
  • Technical
  • Contact
  • Usage
  • Identity
  • Marketing and Communication

Required for our legal interests (product and service development and business expansion)

Administering and safeguarding our business and website (system maintenance, data reporting, hosting, troubleshooting, data analysis)

  • Technical
  • Identity
  • Contact
  • Required for our legal interests (to manage our business, provide IT and admin services, prevent fraudulent acts in the business organization)
  • Required for complying with lawful obligations

Marketing Activities

Douglas Insights works to offer you choices related to our marketing activities. We may utilize your Profile, Usage, Contact, Technical, and Identity data to assess your requirements and preferences. That helps us predict what products and services can be more relevant for you.

You will receive notifications of our marketing activities if you request such data or do not opt-out of receiving marketing communication when you buy a product or service from us. In addition, our website also acts as a platform to connect businesses. And for this, we may share your business email address and other business information with relevant and safe third parties to help with your corporate development. We ensure stringent procedures to safeguard your personal information ad share it only with trusted third parties, such that it doesn’t overrule your legitimate interests. You can get in touch with our legal team if you wish to stop us from sharing your information for such purposes.

When You Decide Opting Out

You can stop receiving marketing communication or prevent us from submitting your personal information to third parties anytime you want by emailing our legal team at [email protected] We strive to process your requests by the earliest, but you may continue receiving our marketing notifications until we update our database and records.

This procedure doesn’t stop third parties from sending you marketing messages, and you will need to reach out to these third-party links to unsubscribe from their promotional activities.

Cookies Terms And Conditions

Cookies are small files consisting of numbers and letters that Douglas Insights stores on your browser or hard drive upon your agreement. They contain data that is transferable to your computer’s hard drive. You can block cookies by refusing all or some cookies through your browser’s settings.

Douglas Insights uses the below-mentioned cookies:

Types Of Cookies

Purpose Of Cookies

Targeting Cookies

Recording your visits to our website, pages you visit, links you follow. We use this data for advertising things relevant to your interests

Strictly Required Cookies

Needed for our website’s operations, like cookies that allow you to log in into protected areas of our websites

Functionality Cookies

Used for recognizing you when you revisit our website, enabling us to customize our content based on your preferences

Analytical/Performance Cookies

Permits us to identify and total the visitors and assess how they navigate through our website. Enables us to improve our website’s layout to quickly help users find what they’re searching for.

Change In Purpose

We only use your personal information for purposes we gathered the data in the first place unless we need it for other reasons. In such circumstances, you can contact us to know more about the additional purposes. Our representatives make sure to explain all the reasons and legal basis clearly.

Disclosing Your Personal Data

Douglas Insights UK Limited may share your personal information with internal third parties where it is our legal interest or required for a contract. We may also share it with external third parties, including professional advisers like insurance, legal, and consultancy services, relevant service providers like IT administration services (Amazon Web Services, Freshworks, Inc), business entities within our community, and regulators and authorities that demand the reporting of processing activities.

We may also disclose and share your personal data with third parties with whom we sell, merge, or transfer our business assets. However, it is all done with strict safety and protection policies. We do not allow our third parties to utilize your personal information for any purpose that is not aligned with our instructions.

Security Of Your Personal Data

Douglas Insights places several sufficient protection measures to avoid your personal information from accidentally getting lost, stolen, disclosed, used, altered, or accessed in illegal and unauthorized ways. Our strict safety protocols also limit access to your information to the most relevant stakeholders, including contractors, employees, agents, and third parties who need the information for business needs. Even they are subjected to use your personal information based on our instructions filled with confidentiality to prevent a breach of data.

Retention Of Your Personal Data

Douglas Insights online retains your personal information for the time reasonably required to accomplish the objectives we collected it for. This can include every purpose of covering legal, tax, regulatory, reporting, or accounting requirements. We might use your personal data longer in case of complaints or events resulting in litigation in our relationship with you.

For calculating the retention period, our legal experts consider factors like sensitivity of personal information, amount, purposes for holding your information, and risks of harm from unauthorized disclosure or use of your personal data. In case of queries related to the matter, please reach out to our Data Compliance Officer using the details mentioned above.

Douglas Insights can also anonymize your personal information (to stop its association with you) for statistical and research purposes. For such instances, we use the information for an indefinite time without further notifying you.

Your Legitimate Rights

Once you have offered your consent to us for processing your personal information, you can take back the consent anytime you prefer. This does not affect the legal aspects of procedures conducted prior to the withdrawal of your consent. Once you withdraw your consent, Douglas Insights may be unable to offer you specific products or services. Our representatives inform you if this is the case at the time of withdrawal from consent.

Under specific conditions, you have the below-mentioned rights according to the data protection laws for your personal information:

Requesting Correction of Your Personal Information

You can offer correct information for the data we hold incorrect, given you offer verification to prove the accuracy of new data.

Requesting Erasure of Your Personal Information

You can request us to remove or delete any personal data that has no legitimate reason for retention in our database. You can also request deletion or removal after completing your right to object to the processing. Disclaimer: we might not always comply with the request if it overrides a legal basis.

Requesting Access to Your Personal Information

You can request and receive a copy of the personal information we have collected on you and review if we are processing it according to legal procedures or not.

Requesting Transfer of Your Personal Data

We will offer you or the third parties you’ve selected your personal information in a machine-readable and structured format, only applicable for automated data for which you have provided consent for us to see and perform our contract with you.

Requesting Restriction to Process Your Personal Information

You can request us to halt the processing of your personal information in these situations:

  • Objection to our use of your information (we need to check for overruling legal grounds for this)
  • You want us to create data’s precision and accuracy
  • Our use of data is illegal, but you don’t want us to erase the information
  • You need us to store the information even after we don’t require it because you want to defend or exercise legal claims

Objecting Processing of Your Personal Information

When we are depending on our legal interests, and there’s a situation where you want to object to the processing of your data because you think it will affect your fundamental freedoms and rights, you can use the right to stop us from using your information for direct promotional activities. However, we may demonstrate a lawful basis for proceeding with your data that will override your freedoms and rights in certain situations.

In case of complaints against our handling of your personal information, you can reach out to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). However, we suggest addressing these concerns with us first before you approach the ICO.

No Charges Required

You are not required to pay any additional charges for accessing your personal information or exercising your rights. Though, Douglas Insights may charge you with a fee for excessive, unfounded, or repetitive requests. We may even refuse to conform to your requests in such situations.

Time Limit For Responding

Our representatives get back to all legal requests within a month. In rare cases, it might take us longer than that to cater to the more complex situations or if you’ve submitted multiple requests. But we always notify our customers and keep them well-updated.

What Douglas Insights Requires From You

For catering to your requests, we may require specific data from you to assist us with your identity confirmation. It’s a protective measure to prevent unauthorized disclosure of your personal data to anyone who has no right to access it. Douglas Insights may also reach out to you for additional data related to your request for speeding up our responses.